Afc First Looks-Spring Anime Season 2013 Pt.2 (Devil Survivor 2)

April 3, 2013


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Well as promised we are continuing our look at the new anime series for spring 2013 with another anime series based off a video game called Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 the Animation. 

Now for those of you may remember from a little over a year ago, Atlus the company who created popular game series as Persona and Devil Survivor released Persona 4 The Animation with mixed results. So when it was announced that they were diving into anime again, I was a bit hesitant but just take a look at the background of this series and you might just have a change of heart.

The story revolves around the characters know as the protagonist, his friend Daichi and there other friend Lo coming back from a mock entrance exam in which they receive a mysterious e-mail from a website known as Nicea which forecasts a persons death or a natural disaster in which they witness themselves in a video being killed in a subway accident. However they manage to survive the accident from a avatar from the site in which in turn become Devil Summoners to protect others from this same fate.

Why Should You Watch This

So why should you watch this series, well Atlus is getting back into the anime game again and hopefully this will get better reception than Persona 4 the Animation. Granted it was a good series but with the popularity of this game in Japan and in interesting story line to go with it, I see it being a major hit for hardcore anime fans.

So there is another preview in the books, and we got more coming so until next time. Remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.


Breaking News In Anime-Persona 4 Anime To Stream On Anime Network and Hulu!!!!!

September 29, 2011


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Have I got some interesting news to share with you all. For those of you who are fans of the video game series Persona, hang on to your seat for what I have to tell you.

It has been recently announced that The Anime Network will be streaming the new Persona 4 anime series on their site starting next Thursday (October 6) at 3:00pm EST right after the episodes air in Japan. The episodes will be available to view on the site absolutely free. The series will also be available on Hulu and Hulu Plus twenty four hours after they are posted on the Anime Network website.

It has also been announced that Sentai Filmworks will be releasing the series on DVD and Blu-Ray sometime next year. No official date has been set.

As always, stay with AFC for all the latest on this developing story. And we will also have your first look of the series next week with my thoughts and opinions. So until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

Afc Gaming Zone-Catherine First Look!!!!!

July 2, 2011


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Now as I mentioned millions and millions of times before, in a few weeks time I will be playing one of the most anticipated titles in gaming this year (besides Call Of Duty 3) Catherine. I will be doing some gameplay videos for the Afc Gaming Zone YouTube page to show you how it works. But before that happens, your probably wondering what this game is all about. Well have I got a treat for you, here is your first look at Catherine.

Catherine Demo-Xbox 360 Gameplay

Catherine is a game in which you play as a single man named Vincent Brooks, a man who enjoys hanging out with his friends at the local bar known as The Stray Sheep and who want’s to remain as a independent person with out having to get married and raise a family. However, Vincent’s lover, Katherine whom she has been friends with since childhood decides that it is time to think about settling down and starting a family.

Vincent not too thrilled with the idea and is not ready to make the plunge decides to head over to The Stray Sheep to think things over, there he meets Catherine. A young twenty-two year old who manages to hit things off with Vincent in which they end up spending the night at his apartment. But things manage to take a turn for the worst when Vincent starts having nightmares about marriage, having kids and other things that a future married man would face.

Overall the game consists of puzzles in which you help Vincent climb up a series of staircases which consist of giant blocks that you need to move, push or pull out of the way in order to reach the top. The game also features ethical decisions in which determines how the game will progress. I won’t go into much detail on this yet, but overall it is a really interesting feature added to make the game more exciting. 

But in conclusion, I am totally pumped for this game and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. So if you would like to see a sneak preview of the game, watch the video above. Also you can check out a full walkthrough of the game by going to TokyoDomeSF’4’s channel on YouTube (Click on the link at the end of this post). There you will find a complete walk through of the game for PS3 along with some witty English translations. I enjoyed it, but I did not watch the ending so that it doesn’t ruin the experience for me. So for those of you who want to watch it all the way, do so at your own risk!!!!!!

And with that, this will wrap up my first look at Catherine. So make sure to stay with us for exclusive footage and commentary of the game as well as my full review in the weeks to come. So until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime, manga and video games out there. All you have to do is find them. Ltrs.

TokyoDomeSF4’s YouTube Channel

AFC Question Of The Week!!!!-Will You Be Buying Catherine On July 26th?

June 10, 2011

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

I am going to make this brief, tonight I would like to introduce a new segment entitled the AFC Question Of The Week. Each week I will be posting a question related to a post that I have created during the past week. This is your chance to sound off and voice your opinion on the topics that we talk about here on AFC. So let’s get started by talking about Catherine.

So the question for this week is are you planning on buying Catherine for the Xbox 360 or Ps3 on July 26,2011?

Your respone choices are as follows,

1) Yes

2) No

3) What is Catherine?

Voting will be open until Thursday night at 12:00 pm Eatern\ 11:00 pm Central!!!!!

Results will be posted next Friday along with your comments!!!! So make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote today. Ltrs.