Misc Stuff-Anime March Madness Round 3

April 1, 2010


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And hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Well after much debate with my producers, we are finally able to move on with this segment of AnimeCenter. Now for those of you who were not with us on the last episode, we had a very tight match up between Ms. Yukari and Nyamo. Well after much debate between the judges about the swimming race, it has been officially decided that Nyamo will be moving on to the elite eight to face off against Apollo Justice. Now I know that we said that we were going to have live coverage of the press conference between Yukari and Nyamo, however our producers feel that it would not be suitable for broadcast. However, we do have some guest commentary from our guest analysis Tomo who was at the race. So Tomo what are your thoughts about the results.


Tomo Takino-AMM Guest Correspondent

Tomo: Well Andrew I have to say that I was a little upset that Yukari got her A** kicked by Nyamo, granted Nyamo is quite talented in athletics LOL!!!!!

Andrew: TOMO!!!!!!! You know you cant say that word when we are on the air,

Tomo: Sorry Andrew, though it is true that Yukari severely got her A** kicked in the race.

Andrew: Tomo, if you say that word one more time, I am going to come over there. pull down your skirt and give you a spanking on your A**, now look what you made me do. Oh the network censors and the FCC will have a heyday about this. Ok, thank you very much Tomo.

Tomo: Thanks Andrew, say am I in the next match up?

Andrew: Well actually Tomo, you are slated to be in the next match of AMM. And I think you are going to be surprised as to who you are going to faceoff against.

Tomo: OK, so who is it?

Andrew: Well take a look at this!!!!!!!!!


Tomo: All Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Yomi, this is going to be fun.

Andrew: Right on Tomo, but anyway let’s take a look at the stats between you two.

Anime March Madness Round 3-Tomo Vs. Yomi


And Tomo it looks like you have a tendency to annoy people. (Tomo:What, that’s not true). well according to my information you do. Sort of reminds us of a certain some one we know, i.e. Ms. Yukari. It is also know that you are somewhat of a slacker, but you and Yomi were able to get into the same school. And you have a tendency to make dumb decisions, but we will see how it plays out in this match.


Now Yomi is sort of like Nyamo in some respects. She is very smart and strong in the athletic department. However her only weakness is the thousands of thousands of diets that she tries on a weekly basis. But she ends up failing to stick to them. Could this hurt her in the competition? We shall see.

So folks make sure to tune in later this week to see how this match turns out. So until next time, remember that their is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Handpounds all around everyone, Ltrs.

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Currently In Japan Anime Reviews-Working!! Ep.1!!!!!!!!

March 28, 2010


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Ok, so as most of you regular readers out there know most of the reviews that I do here on Anime Full Circle are usually of mainstream series that are available here in the U.S. However, I have never done an anime review on a series that is currently airing in Japan, so I guess that now is a good a time as ever to try it. So to start off a brand new segment entitled Currently In Japan Anime Reviews, I am going to be taking a look at episode 1 of the anime series known as Working!!

This series revolves around the main character Sota Takanashi, a 16 year old high school student who is recruited by Poplar Taneshima who is also a high school student to work in a family restaurant known as Wagnaria. But while Sota mistakenly judges her as a lost child, he decides to take Poplar’s offer and starts to work at Wagnaria the very next day. Once there he is introduced to Kyoto Shirafuji who is the manager of Wagnaria, she states that she will not be giving any advice to Sota about the work that he is about to encounter. However instead of training Sota about the everyday duties of his job, she leaves Poplar to the task.

Ok, are you guys getting all this so far!!!!!!!!!!!


Good, I will be quizzing you on all this info later!!!!!!!!!!!! So pay attention!!!!!!!!!

So after the brief introduction with the manager, Poplar starts showing Sota the basics of his job such as putting coffee cups away and moving dirty dishes, however because of her small stature she is not able to show him the duties properly. This is where Jun Sato comes into play. Jun is the head chef of Wagnaria in which he does not take a strong liking to Sota very well. But Jun comes in to help with the tasks, in which frees up Poplar and Sota to start their next task which is to greet the customers.

 313249-sanji_large Jun

Doesn’t Jun look allot alike Sanji from One Piece? Could they be related in some way????

So as Sota and Poplar are greeting the customers, we meet another character named Yachiyo Todoroki. the crew chief of Wagnaria. When Sota firsts meets Yachiyo, he has a bit of a crush on her until he sees the katana on the side of her uniform. 


(Ok: having a katana on you while your meeting you new co-worker, not a good first impression if I do say so myself!!!!!!!).

But as the episode progresses on into the second half, Sota ends up making a very bad taboo that is not only unacceptable in the working world but in the world of women as well (Asking about Kyoto’s real age). Thus he is punished by having to work a full seven day shift. Thus it is not a good idea to call your female co-workers old, otherwise it can bite you in the butt.

I should also mention that it is not a good idea to call one of your customers fat!!!!!!!! Unfortunately Kyoko learned that the hard way in which Poplar and Sato had to com in and clean up the mess. Now towards the end Kyoko learns her lesson in which she end up saving Poplar from two customers who are sexually harassing her but delivering a blow to the chest with her shoe. Overall, I guess you could say that Kyoko is not such a bad person after all!!!!!!!

Final Thoughts

Overall on a scale of one to five, I give Working!! episode 1 a five out of five. I must admit that this looks like a promising series, even though the first few minutes of the episode was a little cut and dry. But if you haven’t seen this series yet, make it a point to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll love it. And guys we will have more reviews on this series in the weeks to come, so stay with us.

And until next time, remember that their is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

And on an un-related note

I have just received word from the commissioner of Anime March Madness about the match up between Yukari and Nyamo, and it looks like Nyamo will be facing off against Apollo Justice in the elite eight semifinal matches. And AnimeCenter will have complete coverage of the press-conference and a preview of round three and four action tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

Misc Stuff-Anime March Madness Round 2 (Update)

March 22, 2010


*Sportscenter theme plays* Vo:THIS IS ANIMECENTER!!!!!!!

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Andrew here with your AnimeCenter Anime March Madness update. Now for those of you who did not see the last episode, we have a very interesting matchup between Ms. Yukari and Nyamo in round 2 of Anime March Madness!!!!!!!!!! And folks we have some live action taken from earlier today over at the swimming pool!!!!!!!!! Check this out!!!!!!!!

And it looks like that Nyamo takes an early lead in the competition while Yukari ends up falling flat on her face!!!!!!!!!! But what this, Yukari tries to throw off Nyamo by faking a leg cramp. OH!!!!!!!!!! but Yukari plan backfired in which she gets a cramp for real!!!!!!!! Unfortunately the race had to stop for a moment for Yukari to relieve the pain from that nasty cramp.

And it looks like Nyamo is helping here relieve the pain, that’s pretty good sportsmanship if I do say so myself, but it looks like we got a little un-sportsman like conduct from Nyamo there but I don’t think that the judges will hold it against her. But we will have to see what the judges say about this when they review the tape!!!!!!

So folks we will have more coverage from round two of AMM with an exclusive post-race press conference with Ms. Yukari and Nyamo, some post race commentary from Tomo and a preview of round three action. That’s all tomorrow, so until then. I am Andrew Budny and this has been your AnimeCenter Anime March Madness update.

Handpounds all around everybody!!!!!!!!!!! Ltrs.