Afc Editorial Reply’s-The Internet Sales Tax: The End Of The Retail Anime Industry As We Know It?

May 1, 2013


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Well I don’t know if you have been following this at all or not, but recently Congress is currently in the process of passing new legislation in which you buy anything online whether thru Amazon, EBay or any online anime retailer you will be subject to paying your local states sales tax along with any shipping and handling to have it shipped to your home. This new piece of legislation going thru congress is enviably called “The Internet Fairness Act”.

So what is this all about you ask? Well according to the legislation supported by Senators Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) states that internet online retailers would be required to collect sales tax on each and every purchase you make online from 9,600 state tax agency’s including local municipalities. That means that brand new box set or figurine might cost you a pretty penny more if this legislation were to pass.

Now technically, we are supposedly to fill out an use tax form each year to claim sales tax that we owe on good purchased online. Now I don’t know about you, but this is just utter garbage!!!!! This legislation that if it were to pass will affect not only how we purchase our anime and it will hurt retailers with a major headache of keeping track of all the different tax rates, it will just be a major mess overall.

Now I don’t know about you but this legislation is just another preverbal nail in the coffin for the industry as we know it. So I encourage you folks to write to your congressmen and senators and tell then you do not want this legislation to pass. Do it not to only save the retail anime industry, but to save our hard earned money and the hard working anime retailers who support our hobby as a whole.

For more information about the “Internet Fairness Act” and how to contact your members of congress, click on the links below. Also please share your thoughts in the comments section!!!!

Internet Fairness Act

Congressional Directory

So until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.


Andrew’s Anime Rants-Adult Swims Possible Acquisitions And Why I May Get A Mac

January 15, 2010


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Well it has been an interesting week for the anime industry, but their is a couple of things that I have been thinking about. So I think the best way to express this is to create a new segment entitled Andrew’s Anime Rants. And for my first rant, I am going to be talking about Adult Swims possible acquisitions and why I might consider buying a Mac. Ok I know that the second subject in the rant is not anime related, but I have my reasons in which you will see momentarily.

1) Adult Swims Possible Acquisitions

Now for those of you who may not have heard, Cartoon Networks Adult Swim block has recently lost the rights to air Death Note and Blood+ in which the network aired the last five episodes of Death Note on Sunday January 10,2010. However the network has claimed they have obtained the rights to three new series in which the network aired an on-screen bumper which stated,

We’ve lost the rights to Death Note and Blood+. We’re just clearing house for goodies from our last Tokyo visit. We can’t tell you anything yet, but we think we bought three series [maybe].” 

Source-Anime News Network

So I have been keeping a close eye on the anime discussion boards all across the net and I have noticed a trend in which most people have been agreeing to. The three shows that might possibly come to the Adult Swim block are,

1) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

2) Inuyasha: The Final Act

3) Soul Eater

Please keep in mind that these are just general speculations from anime fans and that it has not yet been confirmed as if these series or others may replace Death Note and Blood+. We will be keeping a close eye on this situation and we will keep you posted on further developments.


2) Why I Might Consider Buying A Mac Instead Of A Netbook

Ok, I know that this next topic is not anime related, but I feel that I need to let out a little steam. A while back I told you guys that I wanted to get a netbook for Christmas so that I can do some blogging on the go. Well I got some gift cards for Christmas and I was going to get one, but I have decided to wait because most of the major computer companies have released new netbook models with the new Pineview processors. Now I have seen a few on Amazon that I wanted to get, but I decided to wait until they were available at Best Buy, but sadly they have not have them out for sale just yet.

Now they still have the older models available for a lot less than they used to, but let me say this. Best Buy, the new netbook models have been out for almost a week now so why the heck do you still have the older models available but not the new ones? Granted I know that you are still trying to get rid of them, but you are currently way behind. What’s up with that? So this brings me to maybe purchasing a Mac instead. I heard so many good things about them and that my little brother recently purchased a 27” Imac in which he enjoys the heck out of it. And to be quite honest, I really wanted to get a Mac for such a long time. And with the release of snow leopard, it makes me want one even more. So in conclusion, if Best Buy doesn’t get their act together by getting the new models in, the Mac may be coming closer to fruition. But anyway, this will wrap up this edition of Andrew’s Anime Rants. So until next time, remember that their is a ton of great anime and manga out there. all you have to do is find it. Ltrs.