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New Name, New Format, Same Great Show!!!! Afc Radio, Comming Summer 2011

 Afc Radio is a  radio show that covers everything about otaku culture. We will talk about everything related to anime, manga, video games, j-pop music and everything in between. The show airs on a weekly basis at

 Rules And Regulations For Afc Radio

Here at anime remix, we like to have fun talking about anime, manga, gaming and other things about otaku culture. But things can sometime get a little out of hand, in which can throw the show off subject. Here are some simple rules and regulations for you to follow so that everyone can have a great time.

Calling in to the show

Please call into the show’s telephone number (located on the show’s home page) at leat five minutes before show time. This will guarantee you a spot in the discussion. If you can’t call in right before the show, no problem you can still call in but don’t wait till the last five minutes of showtime. Then you wont get in on the action.

I will be bringing you in via a switchboard on my show page. I when I mention you number (last four digits), I will ask you to identify youeself. All you will need to mention is you name and where you are from. This way I know who you are and I can address you easily when it is your turn to discuss the topic.

Staying on subject

All discussions for the show must stay on the subject of that evenings broadcast. Please don’t talk about the best series you have ever seen or something that is totally not related to the discusion, this will only cause problems.

Chat Room Communiucation

On my show page, their is a button that you can click on to enter a chatroom for the nights discussion in case you cannot call directly in to the show. We do ask that you please stay on subject and also do not say anything rude, vulger or innapropriate to me, my callers or anyone else in the chatroom. Remember to treat other the way you wish to be treated.

Failure To Follow The Rules

If a caller fails to advide by these rules, their will be certain actions that will take place.

First Offense

A verbal warring will be issued if you say something innapropriate, off topic or otherwise.

Second Offense

If the behavior in question continues, I will place you on mute, this means that I will control when you talk and dont talk.

Third Offense

Further violation of these rules will result in being thrown out of the discussion.

Please follow these rules so that we can all have a great time talking about anime. Thank you.

 Participating On Anime Remix

  Call In Live

 If you would like to be a part of our live broadcast, call us at:


 Standard long distance rates apply. If your under 18 years of age, please ask parents permission before calling into the show.

 Click To Talk With Skype

 Click to talk is an option for those of you who who want to avoid long distance charges. All you need is a headset microphone and a Skype. When were on the air and you want to join the converstion, click on the on air button click on the skype logo on the right hand side of your screen and you will be apart of the conversation. However if you use this option, please keep your speakers turned down or turned off. This way we do not get any interfeance.

 Chat Room

 A chat room is also available on our website:


 Please follow our rules and regulation page when using this option.

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