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Attention anime bloggers, artists, podcasters and fellow anime fans. Do you have a site that is impressive and attracts readers by the masses? Do you draw anime and manga characters that catch the attention and imaginations of anime fans from around the world?  Do you do a podcast or write reviews on multiple topics of otaku culture that capture the attention of your fellow fans? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Anime Full Circle has just the thing for you.

Anime Full Circle is looking for dedicated anime fans to be a part of a new segment called Afc Showcase. So what is Afc Showcase you ask, well it’s a new segment that gives loyal anime fans like you a chance to showcase your tallents and gain some exposure for your blog, website and artwork for other anime fans to enjoy. Does this sound like you? Well take a look at the following guidelines to learn how to get your work featured on Anime Full Circle’s Afc Showcase.

General Guidelines

1) To submit your work for consideration, send an email to and put Afc Showcase Submissions and your submission type in the subject line.

2) All submissions sent for consideration to Afc Showcase offically become the property of Anime Full Circle and cannot be returned. If you would like to have a copy of the article featuring your work, please include your request in you e-mail and we will get it to you as soon as its published to the site.

3) Please keep all submissions to at least a PG-13 level. If your submisson contains material that is above this level, please inform us so we can take appropriate steps to warn our readers. Failure to comply to this policy will result in your submission being rejected. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

4) Your submissions must be your own work. However if you have a favorite blog, artist, or podcast that you enjoy please send us a link to the website or rss feed for consideration. We want to feature as many talented people as possible (even if you don’t blog, podcast or create art) you can still contribute to Afc Showcase by submitting links to other sites that focus on the world of otaku culture and everyting in between.

5) And the most important guideline of all is to have fun and be creative with your submissions, feel free to show your true otaku spirit and show other anime fans that you are the best of your craft!!!!!!!!

So send in your work today, you never know when you will be featured on Afc Showcase!!!!!!!

For more information on specific submission guidelines for podcasts, websites, artwork, reviews and other submission types: please send an email to and mention the type of submission that you plan to submit to recieve the appropriate guidelines.

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