AFC Weird Video Of The Week!!!!-Meat Ice Cream Party (EpicMealTime)!!!!

Ice cream

Meat Ice Cream Party-EpicMealTime!!!!

WARNING: What you are about to see is completely dangerous. Please try not to re-attempt the actions shown in this video. Anime Full Circle cannot be held responsible for those of you who re-attempt these ideas and the consequences you may face to your health. Thank you.

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Now I don’t know about you but when I think of ice cream, I think about DQ, hot fudge sundaes, dilly bars and the like. But what about making ice cream out of meat products. Sounds quite appetizing doesn’t it??? Well if you’re the guys at EpicMealTime, you know that taking food to the next level is in their forte. Thus it gives me the distinct pleasure of inducting EpicMealTime’s Meat Ice Cream Party as the first video to be featured as the AFC Weird Video Of The Week!!!!!

Now your probably thinking, why would they do something like this? Well let me tell ya, they have done a lot crazier things than this. The clip shows the guys making different variations of popular Ice Cream deserts such as a meat banana split with sausages as the bananas, an ice cream sundae with ground beef and mashed potatoes, and the piece de resistance: meat ice cream cones Russian roulette style. 

Now would I be so bold enough to eat some of these concoction’s? NO FRIGING WAY!!!!! With all that meat they used, it pretty much a one way trip to the emergency room for heart disease. But if you feel brave enough to handle all of that meat, by all means go for it. But don’t come crying back to me if you have high cholesterol or suffer a heart attack, I will not be paying your medical bills Winking smile

Enjoy the video everyone and I will talk to you again real soon. Ltrs.

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