Site Announcements-Afc Will Be On Temporary Hiatus Until Further Notice!!!!!


To all of my blogging friends and to my readers and loyal followers,

First off I would like to start off this post by thanking all of you loyal readers out there for your continued support for AFC for over the past two years. Without you guys, I would not be able to continue to share my passion of anime and manga with the world.

But now on to more serious business, now for the past few months I mentioned that I was going to be graduating at the end of this year with my Bachelors degree in Computer Technology. While this will be a joyous occasion for me at the end of this coming semester, I still have to put in a lot of hard work and effort into achieving this goal. Unfortunately this means that I will have to make a few sacrifices, unfortunately one of them will be my frequent postings to AFC!!!!

So in order to do so, I have decided to take a temporary hiatus from updating AFC until the end of the year. But while I will be focusing on my academic work, I will try to make some time to do some quickie posts from time to time to keep things fresh. I don’t know when or how I will do this, but we will just have to see how things will play out in the coming weeks.

So basically in a nutshell, Anime Full Circle is not going to fade into the sunset. We are just going to take a little break to focus on the more important things going on in my life. So until next time, always remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

7 Responses to Site Announcements-Afc Will Be On Temporary Hiatus Until Further Notice!!!!!

  1. Zone says:

    Well that sucks, I always enjoyed reading your stuff :\. Take a break though you guys, you deserve It. I’ll be waiting.

  2. bluedrakon says:

    I feel your pain. I have been trying to juggle a lot right now and have been posting a bit less than I usually do. I was having the same thoughts, but my wife said she enjoys reading the stuff I write.

    You will be missed, but I am sure you will be back stronger than ever.

    btw: thanks for the post about the lineup on late night anime on Cartton Network. I actually stayed up to watch that 🙂

    • Andrew B says:

      Cool, I glad that you have been able to catch the new line up. But keep in mind that I am not going away, I just a brief break to focus on completing my education. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

  3. glothelegend says:

    I guess I’ll just say good luck, and hurry up and get your shit done so you can write more.

  4. Thanks a bunch, you have made my day. Now why don’t you add a bit more humour to the article?

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