Site Announcements-Afc Will Be On Temporary Hiatus Until Further Notice!!!!!

August 29, 2010


To all of my blogging friends and to my readers and loyal followers,

First off I would like to start off this post by thanking all of you loyal readers out there for your continued support for AFC for over the past two years. Without you guys, I would not be able to continue to share my passion of anime and manga with the world.

But now on to more serious business, now for the past few months I mentioned that I was going to be graduating at the end of this year with my Bachelors degree in Computer Technology. While this will be a joyous occasion for me at the end of this coming semester, I still have to put in a lot of hard work and effort into achieving this goal. Unfortunately this means that I will have to make a few sacrifices, unfortunately one of them will be my frequent postings to AFC!!!!

So in order to do so, I have decided to take a temporary hiatus from updating AFC until the end of the year. But while I will be focusing on my academic work, I will try to make some time to do some quickie posts from time to time to keep things fresh. I don’t know when or how I will do this, but we will just have to see how things will play out in the coming weeks.

So basically in a nutshell, Anime Full Circle is not going to fade into the sunset. We are just going to take a little break to focus on the more important things going on in my life. So until next time, always remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

Anime Reflections-Satoshi Kon (1963-2010) and Shojuro Yamauchi (?-2010)

August 25, 2010

Satoshi Kon

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Unfortunately I have some sad news to share with you today. Within the past twenty-four hours, we lost a great director and a great animator in which they created spectacular feature films and series that are considered as masterpieces in the world of Japanese animation. The gentlemen that I am referring to are Director Satoshi Kon and Key Animator Shojuro Yamauchi.

Satoshi Kon passed away on Tuesday August 24, 2010 at the age of 46 from pancreatic cancer. Mr. Kon has been well known in the world of Japanese animation with his works such as Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent and Paprika. A private service for friends and family members was held today to honor and remember this great gentleman.

I learned about his passing from Janette’s tribute post over on her blog Black and Blue Socks. It was an excellent tribute and it is definitely worth checking out. You can read her post by clicking on the image at the end of this post.

It was also known on Tuesday that Shojuro Yamauchi, a key animator who also worked on popular feature films and series such as Conan, the Boy in Future, Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, Grave of the Fireflies and Spirited Away also passed away on this day. Information about his passing and funeral arrangements are currently unknown at this time. We will keep you posted on this as we get more information.

So in closing, we here at Anime Full Circle would like to take this time to send our condolences to Mr. Kon’s and Mr. Yamauchi’s friends, families and co-workers. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this moment of reflection. Ltrs.

Black and Blue Socks Post on Satoshi Kon

Tokyo Godfathers

Breaking News In Anime-Nausicaa Available for Viewing On Google Videos For Free!!!!!

August 23, 2010


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

We have some interesting news for you that revolves around the world of the master Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Film Critic Roger Ebert has recently announced on his blog that Mr. Miyazaki’s first feature film for studio Ghibli Nausicca and the Valley of the Wind is now available for viewing on Google Videos in its entirety.

The film which was released back in 1984, was considered as the studios first full length feature film in which was adapted from Miyazaki’s original manga of the same name. The video is currently available on Google Videos along with Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. You can view all three of these films by clicking on the links at the end of this post.

Porco Rosso

And in an unrelated story, rumor has it that Miyazaki-San is considering doing a sequel to Porco Rosso entitled “Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie”. It is currently unknown whether will be produced, but it is understood that if it were to go into production, it would not be released until after the next Studio Ghibli film comes out. As always stay with us for the latest developments on this breaking story.

And with that, this will wrap up another edition of breaking news in anime. So until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there, all you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

Studio Ghibli Films On Google Videos (Click on the images to see the videos!!!!!)


Spirited Away

Howls Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle


Nausicca and the Valley of Wind

Anime Remix-Atari E.T. Video Game OK To Microwave?

August 22, 2010

ET Atari

DISCLAIMER!!!!!: Even though this video is absolutely hilarious, we ask that you please do not try to recreate or reattempt this stunt at home!!!!! Anime Full Circle cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages to personal property by re-creating this stunt!!!!!!  

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Have you ever wonder what is like to microwave an old school Atari game such as E.T. in a microwave? Well we will have the answer for you today on this edition of Anime Remix.

In the following video, we see an original mint condition copy of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Atari game, (One of the worst Atari games ever made) being microwaved  until it is burned and melted to a crisp. So what is the end result of this carnage, well you just have to watch the video to find out. Enjoy the video and until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

The Week In Anime-Oxford English Dictionary Adds Word From Otaku Culture!!!!!

August 20, 2010


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Now for those of you who have been loyal otaku for many years, I have an somewhat interesting story to share with you. Recently, the Oxford University Press who publishes the well known and highly regarded reference tool the Oxford English Dictionary has recently added a well known word from the world of Otaku culture. The Japanese word “Hikikomori” was recently added in addition to 2000 other words for the third edition of the dictionary.

Now for those of you who are wondering what the word means, here is the official definition from Oxford Dictionary Online,

Hikikomori (hi-ki-ko-mo-ri)

Noun (plural same)

(in Japan) The abnormal avoidance of avoiding social contact, typically by adolescent males.

  • a person who avoids social contact

Origin: Japanese, literally ‘staying indoors, (social) withdrawal’

Source-Oxford Dictionary Online

Used in a sentence:

The avid video game junkie was so hikikomori, he did not realize that he forgot his girlfriends birthday was last week!!!!!

OK, so that was a sucky example of how to use hikikomori in a sentence, but if you guys have a better example please feel free to leave it in the comments section at the end of this post. Hopefully you probably come up with something better!!!!! And with that, this will wrap up another edition of the week in anime.

So until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there, all you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

TWIA Extra 

Did you know that Hikikomori was not the only word from otaku culture added to the Oxford English Dictionary? Back in 2004, the word Otaku was added to the second edition of the dictionary. You can check out the definition of the Oxford English Dictionary website by clicking on the link below.

Otaku definition from the Oxford English Dictionary

Afc News Update-New Bleach Episodes On Adult Swim Starting August 28 and Minor Schedule Changes!!!!!

August 15, 2010

bleach 2

Hello and greetings fellow Otaku,

Now for those of you who are wondering when Adult Swim will be airing new episodes of the popular anime series Bleach, well have I got some good news for you.

Now back in March I mentioned that Adult Swim would not be airing any new episodes of Bleach starting in April, so for over the past four months all you have been able to see were re-runs of the first eight seasons. Now while this was good for those of us who have never seen the series before, hard core fans of the series have been dying to know when are new episodes coming. Well if you were watching Adult swim last night, you may have seen an on screen bump stating that new episodes will be airing starting August 28.

Now this is all well and good, but you probably thinking to yourselves what is going to happen to the rest of the schedule. Well here is a look at what’s in store for the anime block starting August 28.

Adult Swim Saturday Night Anime Block (8/28/2010)

12:00 AM-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Repeat Episode (Ep.3))

12:30 AM-Kekkaishi (New Episode (Ep.14))

1:00 AM-Bleach (New Episode (Ep.168*))

1:30 AM-Inuyasha (Repeat Episode (Ep.1))

2:00 AM-Cowboy Bebop (Repeat Episode (Ep.3))

2:30 AM-Cowboy Bebop (Repeat Episode (Ep.4))

3:00 AM-Ghost In The Shell (Repeat Episode (Ep.6))

3:30 AM-Ghost In The Shell (Repeat Episode (Ep.7))

4:00 AM-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Encore Pres (Ep.3))

4:30 AM-Kekkaishi (Encore Pres (Ep.14))

5:00 AM-Bleach (Encore Pres (Ep.168*))

5:30 AM-Inuyasha (Encore Pres (Ep.1))

*Beginning of season 9 story arc (The New Captain Shusuke Amagai)

So overall the schedule will pretty much remain the same with the exception that Inuyasha will be replacing the second episode of Bleach at 1:30 and 5:30AM and FMA:Brotherhood will be on hiatus until further notice in which the forst twenty-six episodes of the series will be repeated in its entirety.

It is also understood that Bleach will be taking over the 12:00AM time slot that FMA:Brotherhood has occupied since February and that episodes of King Of The Hill and The Boondocks will be taking over the 2:00 and 3:00AM time slots from Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell. Currently their is no word as to when these changes are taking place.

As always we will keep you posted on further developments on this breaking story as they become available. So until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

Anime Remix-Daioh Note!!!!!

August 13, 2010

AzumangaDaioh1    death note

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Once again I apologize for the lack of updates recently, and I am happy to say that I ended up getting an A- in my writing intensive course YES!!!!! Sadly, with fall semester starting up in three weeks I am a little stressed out!!!!! However here is something that will liven up the mood.

So what do you get when you mix Azumanga Daioh and Death Note together? The answer is simple really, you get one hilarious anime remix!!!!! In this video we see clips from Death Note but as you will notice, the voices of the characters are filled in by quotes from Azumanga Daioh (There in Japanese by the way). Now you will probably recognize these famous quotes if you have watched the sub or dubbed versions of the series. So trust me when I say that you are going to laugh your A** off when you watch this.

Enjoy the video everyone and until next time when I finally get back on track with posting!!!!! Remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

Breaking News In Anime-Haruhi Season 2 Pushed Back and R.O.D. (Read Or Die) on Blu-Ray!!!!!

August 1, 2010


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Well I am happy to say that I am just about finished with my writing intensive course YEA!!!!!!! So that means it is time for me to catch up on much needed anime watching and blogging before the fall semester starts. So to kick tings off, here is some breaking news about some upcoming anime releases.

First, Bandai Entertainment has recently announced that they are pushing back the release date of The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya season 2 to September 14, 2010. Bandai originally planned to release the second installment of the popular series this month (August 16, 2010).

And in other anime related news Aniplex, a popular anime distribution company who brought us such popular series such as Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood has announced that they will be releasing a R.O.D. (Read Or Die) as a Blu-Ray box set later this year. This collection will feature the original three part OVA along with the twenty-six episode television series. Currently, Aniplex has not set an official release date for the box set. Originally, the OVA and TV series were released by separate studios (Manga Entertainment-OVA and Geneon Entertainment-TV Series).

As always stay with AFC for more information on these developing stories. So until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.