Anime Remix-AFC Official Commercial!!!!!


Edit: Check out our official YouTube page at

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Now as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was working on creating a commercial for Anime Full Circle for YouTube. Well guys, after a few long weeks I am happy to tell you that the commercial is finally finished.

All in all it turned out great, so good I decided to feature this for anime remix this week. So guys check it out and tell me what you think. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Also I will post a link to the video if you would like to leave a comment on it. Thanks for watching and until next time, remember that there is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

AFC Commercial

6 Responses to Anime Remix-AFC Official Commercial!!!!!

  1. bluedrakon says:

    you have too much time on your hands.You may want to add something to the end so you don’t have that much dead space on he last 7 seconds or so.

    I liked how you added in your other links too.

  2. Canne says:

    A nice video indeed!
    But I think it generalizes the quality of your site too much. Saying that the site is related to everything anime does not give the viewers very clear perspective of the contents and may not make it stand out.

    • Andrew B says:

      Thanks, and you are right about the generalization part. I just put this together spur of the moment but I should have planned it out a little more.

  3. Yi says:

    Looks really nice!
    My only suggestion is that it might be running a little long right now, but otherwise, it’s very good.

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