Misc Stuff-Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

I hope that all of you readers are having a great day, but I would like to take just a moment to wish all of you out there a Very Happy Easter!!!!!!!! And remember guys, don’t eat all of your Easter candy in one sitting!!!!!!!!! You’ll either get a massive tummy ache or rot your teeth out!!!!!!!!! Ltrs.

And now a word from our sponsor!!!!!!!!!! Cadbury Crème Eggs!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy.

4 Responses to Misc Stuff-Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!

  1. bluedrakon says:

    Happy Easter as well! Got to love those old commercials 🙂

    btw: my son ate 6 hard boiled eggs before I knew what was up. He even had 3 more on his plate. I was surprised he did not get sick.

    • Andrew B says:

      Yep, that commercial sort of gives you a fuzzy feeling inside!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness you son didn’t get sick from eating too many hard boiled eggs. I guess he probably found his new favorite food sort of speak. LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. Ningyo says:

    yup, Happy easter.

    In retrospect, this was a horrible day. Could hardly do anything I wanted, with all the interruptions. Oh well, there’s those days as well.

    That egg looks too extreme, just one seems a surefire way to get cavities >.>

    • Andrew B says:

      Yeah Ningyo, I do have days like that sometimes as well. And you are right about the creme eggs, they are pretty much a one way ticket to getting your teeth drilled. But there just so darn good, you just give into them.

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