Misc Stuff-Anime March Madness Round 2


*Sportscenter theme plays* Vo:THIS IS ANIMECENTER!!!!!!!!

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Welcome to the first edition of AnimeCenter, and folks have we got a great show for you guys today. We got exclusive coverage from round one action of Anime March Madness and also a preview of what’s to come in round two. So let’s get right to the action.

AMM Round 1 Recap (Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice)

And round 1 of AMM was a bit of a nail bitter folks, both Phoenix and Apollo were both neck and neck in the competition. In the first half, Apollo and his chords of steal ended up knocking Phoenix’s spiky hair to the ground. But Phoenix fights back with his powers of the Fey channeling technique to turn Apollo into a weak little boy crying for his mommy!!!!!!! (Oh, sorry Apollo. I forgot you don’t know who your mother is). But in the second half, Apollo end up getting the upper hand by having Phoenix relive the day that he lost his attorneys badge. And with only 30 sec left in the second half, Apollo ended up getting the last blow with his chords of steal to seal the deal. So it looks like Apollo will be moving on to the next round in Anime March Madness.

And now before we move on with the preview of our next match up, we have a special guest to help up analyze the highlights of the exciting first round action. Here is Maya Fey, Maya take it away!!!!!!

Maya Fey

Maya Fey-AMM Guest Correspondent

Maya: Thanks Andrew, well I have to say that round one of the tournament was very exciting indeed!!!!!!! My Nick was doing very well early on in the competition, but I have to say that Apollo was a strong player in the second half. And Nick, if you are watching this you owe me a burger!!!!!!!!

Andrew: Now hold on a second Maya, you were betting on Phoenix to lose the first round??????

Maya: Well yes Andrew, I knew that he didn’t have a chance in winning the first round. So I kind of figured it would be fun to wager on this game. And I can’t believe I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew: Okay!!!!! Well thank you very much Maya for the commentary and we will be talking to you again later on in the tournament.

Maya: Thank you Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!

0 minamo

Anime March Madness Round 2-Yukari Vs. Nyamo

And now it is time for round two of AMM. And in round two we have two teachers who are very close friends but they sometimes get on each others nerves. Yes folks, I am referring to Yukari and Nyamo from Azumanga Daioh. So lets take a look at the stats between these two titans of the Azumanga world!!!!!!!!!!


Now for those of you who have seen Azumanga Diaoh, you probably know that Yukari is one of the craziest teachers among the the three teachers in the series. Her personality is completely different than Nyamo’s in which she doesn’t think things through properly and she always can be in a bad mood. Hopefully most of you out there didn’t have a teacher like this in high school!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!


Now Nyamo on the other hand, Nyamo is a bit more calm in nature. You could say that she is Yukari’s better half. Nyamo is strong in athletics and she is one of the most popular teachers of the series. However she does tend to have fun and she is also single!!!!!!!!!!! So guys, feel free to give her you numbers after this round is over!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!

And with that, this will wrap up this edition of AnimeCenter!!!!!!!!!! So make sure to check back on Monday for the results of round two action!!!!!!! And until next time, remember that their is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it!!!!!!!! Ltrs.

Oh one other thing, love and hand pounds everybody!!!!!!!

4 Responses to Misc Stuff-Anime March Madness Round 2

  1. bluedrakon says:

    LOL – this is much better than the basketball games. I am going to have to favor Yukari in the Second round.

  2. Yi says:

    Hehe, very interesting twist on Match Madness. I actually hope Nyamo moves on.

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