Breaking News In Anime-Domo-Kun To Get A Makeover This Spring and Media Blasters Layoff Staff Members


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

So after a few weeks of no important anime news, we finally got two interesting stories that will knock your socks off. So make sure that you are sitting down before reading on, we here at Anime Full Circle cannot be held responsible for those of you readers who end up passing out from reading these stories!!!!!!!!

Our first story features one of the most loveable characters of Japanese popular culture. No I am not talking about Pikachu, I am talking about Domo-Kun. It has been recently announced that the Japanese television network NHK will be giving the popular mascot a new look. NHK states that Domo will be sporting a new superhero look in which will promote NHK transition to digital television. Domo’s new look will debut on the NHK television networks starting on March 29. The following is a picture of Domo’s new look, check it out.



In other anime related news,

Media Blasters had recently announced that the company would be laying off thirteen members of it’s staff in the accounting and print departments. The company states that the layoffs will not be affecting the current release schedule of titles in production.

And that will wrap up this edition of breaking news in anime. As always, stay tuned to Anime Full Circle for the latest information on these developing stories. So until next time, remember that their is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

7 Responses to Breaking News In Anime-Domo-Kun To Get A Makeover This Spring and Media Blasters Layoff Staff Members

  1. FaS says:

    …wtf???? I’ve never ever watched anything w/Domo Kun in it, but I know how iconic he is. The new him looks like shit. Just like how they wanted to change bugs-bunny into a more hip character..bad idea in my opinion. Like jeez -_-”

  2. bluedrakon says:

    I agree with FaS on this. Never got into the whole Domo craze. Think it’s funny his belt has the initial “BS” on it – LMAO!

    Seems the recession is still in full swing.

    • Andrew B says:

      Yeh, that BS on his belt is kind of funny now that you mention it LOL!!!!!!!!!! And you are right about the recession, I dont think that it is going to end any time soon.

  3. I was just surfing around the net while waiting on a few domain transfers to finish from some recent sales and came across your blog. Thanks for the info.

  4. aeasfafafaf says:

    domo is not supposed to be a CGI animated super hero he’s a nervous insecure stop motion doll that lives with a rabbit in a hole

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