Misc Stuff-Crazy At The Moment, But Will Be Back Up To Speed Later This Week!!!!!!


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Now I know what you guys are thinking, why the heck haven’t I been updating AFC on a frequent basis over the past few weeks? Well things have been a little bit crazy for me personally with school and work related issues and all of the projects and exams that go with it. So unfortunately, that has cut into my blogging time severely (i.e. my one web based course was one of the culprits in this dilemma LOL!!!!!!!!!!!). However things are looking up for me, I have been able to get back up to speed with that and with spring break only a few weeks away I hope to get back to blogging on a regular schedule later on this week.

I have a lot of great posts that I have been dying to work on including my first salute to Hayao Miyazaki post on Howl’s Moving Castle and my copy of Ponyo is on it’s way so I will have a review on that as well. All that plus a whole lot more is coming you way in the weeks to come. So to all you readers out there, thanks for your continuing support and patience during this crazy moment in my life. And until next time, remember that their is a ton of great anime and manga out there. All you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

Bonus Video Clip

And now for your viewing pleasure, some wild nurse hentai!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!

2 Responses to Misc Stuff-Crazy At The Moment, But Will Be Back Up To Speed Later This Week!!!!!!

  1. bluedrakon says:

    I know the feeling with trying to keep up your blog. I have been spending my time being a House Husband as I try to get a new job since moving up. It is not easy trying to balance everything. Besides, my wife hogs my system to do her Facebook updates at night.

    • Andrew B says:

      That stinks, maybe you should get her a netbook so she doesn’t have to hog your system. I hope that you find a job soon, remember to stay positive and don’t get discouraged!!!!!!!! Thanks and catch ya later.

      P.S. Thanks for your kind words!!!!!!

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