Anime Remix-Haruhi Suzumiya + MySpace=Eh?


Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

Well January is coming to a close, so how about another edition of Anime Remix to wrap things up. Ok, in this edition of Anime Remix we once again feature the anime series The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya in which we see Yuko Nagato sharing her thoughts of the social networking site MySpace. It is interesting to hear Yuki’s thoughts about MySpace, but it a surprise that MySpace has been getting their butts kicked by Facebook with over millions of users frequenting the site daily. I don’t see why MySpace is just throwing in the towel. But as long as people are still using it, their will still be a need for MySpace.

But anyway, enjoy the video and I will talk to you guys again soon. Ltrs.

One Response to Anime Remix-Haruhi Suzumiya + MySpace=Eh?

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