Anime Remix:Japanese Culture Edition-Brain Survivor

brain survivor

Hello and greetings fellow otaku,

I think that you guys are going to like what I have for anime remix this week. In this edition of anime remix, we take a look at the popular Japanese game show known as Brain Survivor. Now most of you may or may not know that we have our own version of Brain Survivor here in the states entitled Brainsurge which airs on Nickelodeon weekday afternoons. The show is the same as ours but in this clip, we see that the bonus rounds are completely different.

In the Japanese version, two finalists are shown a series of colors in which they must match the order of the colors on the steps in the order that they appeared on the video screen. But in our version, a contestant must memorize a random pattern on a floor in which they must re-create exactly. In both bonus rounds contestants are timed in how long they can complete the path. So after seeing both versions, I personally like the Japanese version better. The reason why is that it is more interesting and its just better when it is shown in its original form. I also feel that their should be an adult version of this show with the Japanese format. Hopefully someone at MTV is reading this!!!!!!!! But anyway, enjoy the video and I will talk to you again soon. Ltrs.

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