Anime Remix Japanese Culture Edition- Silent Library

Hello and greetings once again fellow otaku,

Before I get down to business, I just wanted to let you guys know that tonight’s chat for anime remix radio show will be moved to tomorrow night. Same time, same place, so don’t miss it.  Also I have ofically resigned from anime explosion. Things were not working out the way I hoped they would, so I now will be able to devote more time here to this site. I also have some really cool stuff that I have planned for the next few months, I will share that with you guys later on this weekend but now let’s move on to anime remix Japanese culture edition.

For this edition of anime remix Japanese culture edition, we are going to focus on the Japanese television show known as Silent Library. Recently, MTV is airing a U.S. version of this popular television show. I only seen parts of the show so far and I think it is ok. But I am planning to watch a full episode so I can give you guys a better view of the show. The following is a clip of the original show from Japan. That’s all for now, so untill next time remember. Their is a ton of great anime and manga out there, all you have to do is find it. Ltrs.

And one other thing, if any of you readers out there have seen the U.S. version, I would like to get your thought’s. Please share your thoughts by commenting on this post. .

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