Anime Remix- Bleach

Hello and greetings once again fellow Otaku,

Before I begin this edition of anime remix I would to take just a moment to thank all you readers and supporters out there for staying with me during this time of transition. This has been a crazy month for me because I am now working on two sites, I am putting together a radio show pilot and having a crazy work schedule is really cutting into my blogging time. I want to try to update this site daily but with things the way they are right now, it is going to be tough. But I hope by July things will calm down a bit for me so I can can focus on updating this site, anime explosion and my other things I am working on. So once again thank you so much for so staying with me. And now let’s get down to business.

This edition of anime remix features the series bleach. This is a bleach amv featuring the song “The animal I have become” from three days grace. I recently got into the manga which is really good from what I read so far, so I think this would be perfect for anime remix. Check it out and I will catch you guys later.

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