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Greetings fellow Otaku,

I am excited to bring you guys another new segment to anime full circle I would like to call Otaku Life. This segment will focus on popular websites, video games and other things that focus on  the Otaku lifestyle. For this edition of Otaku life I am going to review the social networking site Gaia Online.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with what Gaia online is all about, let me give you a brief overview. Gaia online is a social networking site that is different than any other social networking site you have ever seen. Gaia is a place in which you can express yourself and your individuality. Whether it be writing, art, photography or another interest, Gaia online satisfy’s you need. But Gaia is not just about expressing your interests, it is also about having fun. Gaia online provides many options for fun in world. Some examples include playing blackjack, slots, puzzles, word games, car racing and fishing. Gaia also has theatres in which you can watch hit movies and also free anime. That’s right, I said free anime. Anime for Gaia is provided by funimation in which they present their most popular series such as xxxholic and slayers. But their is one other thing that I need to mention, Gaia also has free manga that you can read, and it is really good. So if you are looking for a great social networking site with a lot of fun and excitement, Gaia online is the site for you. And with that, this will wrap up the first edition of Otaku life. So until next time, remember their is a ton of great anime and manga out there. You just got to know where to look. Ltrs.

Gaia Online


4 Responses to Otaku Life- Gaia Online

  1. Lolli says:

    Gaia isn’t a social networking site. It is a forum site.

    Social networking is MySpace or FaceBook.

  2. Dee Legerski says:

    This is great post, i have learn a lot from it. Thank You.

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