Anime Is Better Around The World- Animax



Hello and greetings fellow otaku.

I think it is time to get something of my chest that has me a bit annoyed!!!!!!!!!!! I am talking about the cable channel known as Animax. As many of you know or may not know, Animax is a satalite television network that airs anime 24 hours a day in Japan, they also have other affliates in latin america, united kingdom, australia and other countries. They show the latest shows and series from Japan and also well know and popular series. According to wikipedia they state that back in 2004 their was plans to bring Animax to the states but their has been no further progress. I personally feel that this channel should come to the states. We have networks such as anime network and funimation channel but most states do not carry them on their local cable and satelite providers. It would be awesome to have all three of these channels on all cable and satelite providers for all anime fans to get the best selection of anime possible. And that is the end of my opinion. Laters.

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