The Week In Anime- Best Buy To Cut Anime Selection

February 28, 2009


Greetings fellow Otaku,

Here is some news for those of you who are looking for some great bargains on anime DVD’s. It was announced last week that best buy will be cutting their anime selections in 800 of it’s stores. Out of that only 461 stores will be carrying the twenty top selling titles. The stores that will be focusing on top twenty titles will be holding a 50% off clearance sale on all anime DVD’s starting tomorrow (March 1, 2009) and will continue thru March 21,2009. So if their are some series in you collection, now is the best time to buy. That’s all for now, take care and remember their is a ton of great anime and manga out there you gust got to know where to look.

Anime Is Better Around The World- Animax

February 22, 2009



Hello and greetings fellow otaku.

I think it is time to get something of my chest that has me a bit annoyed!!!!!!!!!!! I am talking about the cable channel known as Animax. As many of you know or may not know, Animax is a satalite television network that airs anime 24 hours a day in Japan, they also have other affliates in latin america, united kingdom, australia and other countries. They show the latest shows and series from Japan and also well know and popular series. According to wikipedia they state that back in 2004 their was plans to bring Animax to the states but their has been no further progress. I personally feel that this channel should come to the states. We have networks such as anime network and funimation channel but most states do not carry them on their local cable and satelite providers. It would be awesome to have all three of these channels on all cable and satelite providers for all anime fans to get the best selection of anime possible. And that is the end of my opinion. Laters.

Breaking News In Anime-Silent Mobius Manga To Be Re-Released With New Volumes

February 17, 2009



Greetings again fellow Otaku,

It has been recently announced that the manga for the anime series silent mobius will be released with three new volumes that have never been seen in the states. Viz media originally released this series as a 12 volume series but for this new release it will be in traditional manga style (right to left) and will be newly translated and remastered from the original manga. Thats all for now, take care and remember their is a ton of anime and manga out there you just got to know where to look. Laters.

Only In Japan- Asimo The Robot

February 15, 2009


Greetings Fellow Otaku,

It is now time to introduce another new segment to anime full circle I would like to call Only In Japan. And for our first ever only in japan segment, I would like to introduce you to Asimo. Now some of you know who this friendly guy is, but for those of you who do not know Asimo is a robot created by Honda. You may have seen the commercials when goes out and gets the newspaper or the youtube video showing him dancing. Asimo was created to help the elderly with general tasks such as getting the paper and other things. In my honest opinion, Asimo is the best thing to come to the states since anime. And that is the first ever edition of only in Japan. Take care everybody and I will catch ya later.

Afc Quickies Video Edition- Full Metal Alchemist

February 11, 2009

Hello Fellow Otaku,

Unfortunatly their has been no good anime news to report, however I did find a good video on youtube today to share with you guys. It is a full metal alchemist amv featuring the song bring me to life from Evanescense.  I just started listening to them and they are realy good. Anyway, enjoy the vid and I hope to find some good news for later this week. Laters.

Rumiko Takahashis New Work To Debut This Spring

February 4, 2009



Greetings Fellow Otaku,

It is time now for another edition of Afc Quickies,

It has been recently announced that Rumiko Takahashi will be introducing her latest work in Japan’s shonen sunday this spring. Rumiko Takahashi has been known for her works such as Ranma 1\2,  Maison Ikkoku , Rumic Theatre and Inuyasha (Manga) which recently ended in June of last year. No further information has been released. Thats all for now. Take care and remember their is a ton of great anime and manga out there, you just got to know where to look.

Update: It was just announced that Viz media will be releasing a english language edition of Takahashis latest work. It is said to be released later this year.

Things Are A Little Crazy Around Here

February 3, 2009


Hello and friendly greetings fellow Otaku,

I sorry for not updating this blog sooner, but I been really busy with school starting up again and that we had a bit of a blizzard in this neck of the woods. But not to worry, I hope to resume regular postings within the coming week. Thanks for understanding and I will catch ya all later.