Anime Remix-Jpop Edition Part 2

January 25, 2009

Greetings fellow Otaku,

As promised here is Manzo performing the main theme to genshiken (My pace diaoh). Enjoy.

Minor Technical Diffaculties

January 20, 2009


Greetings fellow Otaku,

Unfortunatly I experienced some minor technical diffaculties when I uploaded the under 17 and manzo videos. It looks like only the under 17 video showed up and the manzo video got cut off for some reason. Not to worry though, I will try posting it again later this week. Take care everyone.

Anime Remix- Jpop Edition- Under 17 And Manzo

January 19, 2009

Genshiken Season 1 Theme- Manzo

Greetings fellow Otaku,

Today I have a special treat for you guys. I was on youtube today and I managed to find the groups under17 and manzo in which the videos shown here are the themes for genshiken and Kujibiki Unbalance (Ova). These were actually live performances from 2004. This is really cool for those of you who are fans of these series. Enjoy these vids and I will catch ya guys later.

The Week In Anime- The End Of Laserdisc 1978-2009

January 16, 2009


Hello Fellow Otaku,

This might be somewhat of a sad day for some of you old school Otaku out there. The reason why I say this is because the format of the laserdisc is now officially dead. It was recently announced that pioneer electronics will be discontinuing development of laserdisc players. For those of you who do not know what laserdisc is, laserdisc was the predecessor of modern DVD players. Laserdisc were huge, it just about the same size as a 45 record used for record players. Here is an example of what one looks like.


  • My view: I remember laserdisc briefly because I remember in my fifth grade science, we use to watch movies on them. It was really cool. It is an unfortunate shame that this format would not last for a new generation.

With that said, that wraps up another edition of the week in anime, but I would like to know what your experience with laserdisc was. Feel free to share your experience in the comments section of this post. Take care everyone and I will catch you guys later.

Breaking News In Anime- Evangellion 1.0 To Be Released In U.S.

January 10, 2009


Greetings fellow Otaku,

The following is some really good news for fans of the Evangellion series. It has just been announced that funimation has acquired the rights to Evangellion 1.0 you are not alone to be released to the united states. Eva 1.0 is a reincarnation of the original series but taken in a different direction. This will be released to DVD on November 10, 2009. Check out the trailer and I will catch ya guys later.

Evangellion 1.0 trailer

My 5 Predictions For The Anime Industry In 2009

January 8, 2009


Greetings fellow Otaku, I actually meant to have this post ready last week but I ended up getting a cold which unfortunately side lined my blogging time but I am feeling better now so it time for me to get back to blogging. First off, I hope you all had a great holiday and got all that you were wishing for. And second, I would like of wish all of you readers a happy 2009 and I hope that you succeed in keeping all your new years resolutions. Now with that said let’s get down to business, I would like to share with you my 5 predictions for the anime industry for the coming year. Please keep in mind that these predictions are of by me and do not reflect those of anime and manga studios.

1) Anime studios will regain their strength

As I mentioned in a previous post, adv films has recently turned itself around from it’s slump back in 2007. But many other companies such as geneon entertainment discontinue releasing series and gave some of their popular titles to funimation for re-release. My prediction is that companies such as adv and funimation will become stronger in which I see them releasing new series which all anime will enjoy.

2) Box sets will become more affordable

Lately, I seen anime companies release newer series and classic as full series box sets. But for some, many people cannot afford them because of the high costs and that the current state of the economy is limiting peoples spending. However I predict that costs of box sets will drop. This will mean that many people can complete their collections of their favorite series without having to pay the high costs of individual DVD’s.

3) Legit anime will become more mainstream on the net

Recently, anime companies have been releasing episodes of popular series on youtube and hulu. I predict that more episodes from these companies will be released on these sites.  These sites would allow users to view episodes legally and not illegally on such sites such as crunchyroll.

4)  Manga will become digital

With the popularity of e-books becoming common everywhere, I predict that manga companies will follow the same suit. I fell that by switching to digital, this would save manga companies a ton of money by reducing the amount of paper being used to print manga’s. This in turn would bring in a new era for the manga industry.

5) The future of anime and manga as a whole

My final prediction will be for the anime and manga industry as a whole. I predict that this industry will turn itself around. Granted that the industry has taken some turns for the worse over the past few years but I have a strong feeling that it will not go away anytime soon. People will still watch anime and read manga. So don’t count it out just yet.

Those are my predictions for the anime industry for the year 2009. Now we will wait and see what happens. Take care everyone and remember, their is a ton of great anime and manga out there, all you have to do is find it.