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Greetings fellow otaku,

I know this is not anime remix, but I think it is time for a little change of pace. I am proud to introduce another new segment to this blog entitled the week in anime (Insert news bumper here). This segment will cover the top news story in anime over the past week. Last week, funimation sued a group of southern california anime retailers for selling illegal bootlegs of their series. Some of these series include Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist and Fruits Basket. Funimation is suing these companies for over $23 million dollars in damages.

My Point Of View

I personally do not support the purchase or sale of bootleg anime dvd’s. The sale of these dvd’s are hurting the anime industry as a whole, which cause a rise in prices for those who buy anime legaly. I also do not support websites like or other sites who post illegal fansubs of unlicensed anime series. Overall, buying bootleg dvd’s or watching illegal fansubs is just wrong. However their are many sites that have anime that you can watch legally such as funimation’s channel on youtube and also which have full episodes available for viewing. And that’s the week in anime, and remember that their is a ton of great anime and manga out there, you just got to know where to look. Catch ya later.

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  1. webring says:

    thanks for this info. anime became more popular today, i’m not surprise if someone use shortcuts for money

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