Anime Full Circle Quickie-Thank you for your support

Hello fellow otaku from around the world,

I just wanted to put up a quick post to say thank you for all of you readers out there for your support of this blog. When I first came up with an idea two months ago to launch a blog about Japanese anime and otaku culture, I did not think that this idea would work, but I was wrong. In the three weeks that this blog went live, I have seen a huge response in readership. One example of this would be the anime remix segments that I have posted recently. The response to these videos were extraordinary, the Harui Suzumiya red bull commercial spoof was the highest viewed video on the blog at the moment with 9 views and Inuyasha brotherly love come in a close second with seven views. As I mentioned in my very first post, the goal of this blog was to bring an insight about everything related to anime, manga and everything in between. And so far, I’ve succeeded in achieving this goal. But we only just getting this party started. I have much more in store for you in the way of reviews, commentary, and of course video clips in the near future so keep coming back, you never know what I may have in store for you. Once again thank you very much for your support so far with this blog, without readers like you this blog would not be possible.

Andrew B

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